CANOE Collaboration Wiki

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We would appreciate if you can leave feedback at the Summer school questionnaire. You can also use this questionnaire to indicate your transportation requirements after the Summer school.

The intention of this CANOE Summer School Collaboration Wiki is to provide a platform for

The agenda of the CANOE Summer school is available here.

A number of break-out sessions are scheduled. Please indicate which sessions you would like to participate in here.

Some more information about the Summer school and break-out sessions are available in the welcome presentation.

The wiki pages below are used to record the discussions from each break-out session.

The Wiki also serves to collect information, encourage collaboration, and discussion during the Summer school:

Discussion and reflections on what we heard and learned so far.


These are some of the participants of the CANOE Summer school. Please feel free to add yourself to this list.

The Collaborate Wiki from the CANOE 2009 Summer School is available here.

The Collaborate Wiki from the DEBS 2007 conference is available here.

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